5 Tips to Help You Remember to Drink More Water

Your body needs water for just about every process — digestion, circulation, elimination, immune responses, weight regulation, joint lubrication and more. It’s critically important to drink enough water each day for optimal health, but with busy work schedules, sports events, family obligations and social activities, it’s all too easy to forget to drink enough. Try these five tips to help you remember to drink more water.

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1. Pick a Water You Love

If you don’t like it, you won’t drink it! Not all water is the same. The invisible, dissolved substances present (or absent) in water affect the taste of this simple drink. Compare a sip of city tap water to a sip of bottled mineral water. You’ll immediately notice the difference. Most municipal tap water is treated with chlorine to ensure it’s free of bacteria and other contaminants — which is great for safety, but who enjoys that icky chlorine taste? Many types of bottled water are so heavily processed that the natural minerals are removed, leaving a flat, boring taste. Mineral water, on the other hand, tastes great, and if it tastes great, you’re more likely to want to drink it. So the first step to drinking more water is to pick a type of water whose taste you enjoy.

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2. Start the Day With a Big Drink

Next, set yourself up for water-drinking success by starting an easy morning routine: first thing after you get up, try drinking a whole quart of fresh water. This morning drink can help flush your body of toxins that accumulate in your digestive and eliminative systems while you’re sleeping. With that first quart, you’ll take a huge stride toward your daily water goal while feeling the energizing effect of an easy detox.

Did You Know This About the Water in Your Faucet? You’re out of bottled water at home — and you’re thirsty. Though it’s not your first choice, you reach for the tap to fill a glass. Pause for a moment. Is that tap water safe? Water from surface sources, such as lakes, reservoirs and rivers, is likely to be contaminated with pollutants from runoff. That’s why it’s filtered and treated with chlorine to eliminate harmful bacteria, agricultural waste, metals or other substances. Although most treated water is clean enough for drinking, these processes aren’t fail-safe, and many people dislike the residual chlorine taste. A home filter can help remove remaining impurities and some chlorine, but by the time the highly filtered water hits your glass it’s usually stripped of any naturally occurring minerals. Home filters also must be replaced often. Instead of tap water, consider the benefits of using mineral water. Try Primus for a fully natural, clean and tasty alternative.

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3. Stock the Fridge and the Car

To make drinking water easier throughout the day, keep plenty of water on hand in the areas you spend the most time. Bottles in the fridge will remind you to grab a drink of water while fixing meals or reaching for other drinks. A fresh bottle in each of your car’s cup holders will remind you to drink one during your morning and evening ride to work or school.

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4. Set a Timer

If you find a busy work or school schedule gets in the way of healthy habits, tap into technology to boost your brain. Set the timer on your phone, watch or work computer to supply a friendly reminder that it’s time to get a drink. If you find beeping or ringing an annoying interruption, make it fun by picking a tune for your alarm that makes you smile as you reach for your water bottle.

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5. Get a (Water) Drinking Buddy

Sometimes a little accountability helps in setting and keeping new health goals. Ask a friend to join you in your efforts to drinking more water more regularly. Make goals together and agree on a time to check in each day. That text from your drinking buddy in the afternoon may be the prod you need to get you sipping one more glass of water.

You know you need it and you feel better when you do it, so start drinking more water today. With a few tweaks to your daily routine and with a source of water you trust and find tasty, such as Primus, you’ll soon find yourself hitting your hydration goals and reaping the benefits!


Written by Amy Smith

Amy Smith is a Pennsylvania-based writer and educator, producing informative, research-based online content for a variety of clients in the fields of natural living, health and wellness, family and parenting.


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